Evolution Titanium II Rod (Model: Conventional 150B Gold)

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Jigging Master Evolution Titanium II Rod - Conventional / Overhead (Model: 150B Gold)
The Jigging Master Evolution Titanium II Jigging Rods are the revolutionized & evolved version of the extremely popular Jigging Master PowerSpell rods. It is ultra strong, super compact, super light weight, and extremely effective. Constructed with advanced and unique titanium mesh and graphite, the Evolution Titanium II delivers phenomenal lifting power for the weight of the rods and superb sensitivity to impart loads of actions to your jig. With the superior vertical lifting power, optimized and extended rear grip, FUJI K Type SCI guides, and FUJI reel seats, the Evolution Titanium II is the perfect rod designed for long stroke jerking, violent jigging, for both conventional and spinner action! The Evolution Titanium II is the first and the most advanced of it's kind in the jigging world.
This model is available in 100gr, 150gr, 200gr, 250gr, 300gr, 350gr, 400gr and 500gr(over) to ensure that no matter what jig you are looking to work, there will be an Evolution Titanium II to suit. All rods available in spin and in overhead / conventional.

  • Made out of unique Titanium mesh and graphite for maximum strength and sensitivity.
  • Equipped with FUJI K Type SCI Guides and FUJI reel seats.
  • Evolved version of the world-famous Jigging Master Power Spell rod.
  • Anti-scratch / anti-corrosion anodized surface treatment.
  • Longer rear grip (Conventional @ 420mm and Spinner models @ 450mm)
  • Superior 90 Degree lifting power.
  • Designed for long stroke jerking / violent / fast / slow jigging.
  • Integrated Gimbal Knob.
  • Jigging Master Rod Sack included.

  • Model: Jigging Master Titanium II 150B
    Power:90 Degrees: 10KG / 22lbs. 60 Degrees: 16KG / 36 lbs
    Rod Type: Conventional / Overhead
    Recommend Jig Weight: 150g (5~5.5 oz)
    Recommend Reel Size: PE 1 ~ PE 3
    Material: Premium Titanium Mesh & Graphite
    Guides: 8
    Guide Type: FUJI K Type SCI Guides
    Reel Seats: FUJI Reel Seats
    Color: Gold
    Pieces: One Piece Rod
    Rod Length: 5.3'
    Rod Application: Standard Jigging, Live bait fly lining, Slow Jigging, Micro Jigging, Rock Fish Jigging.
    Manufacture: Jigging Master

    To see more videos of this rod in action you can find them on Youtube here: JIGGING MASTER EVOLUTION TITANIUM IN ACTION!

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