Professional Fishing Line Spool-Up Kit (Color: Black / Gold)

Don't risk damaging your braided lines trying to spool up with inferior spool up kits or using towels / gloves that will potentially harm the integrity of your braided lines! If you purchased the best of the best braided lines, spool up like a pro! The Jigging Master Spool-up kit is extremely compact, light weight and goes onto your fishing rod making spooling-up like a breeze! Every JM Spool-up kit is equipped with integrated Jigging Master award winning drag system as seen on all the JM reels to provide unbelievable heat resistance, jamming prevention, and skipping prevention. No lubrication is needed! Fully adjustable cylinders and highest quality CNC construction made these the best spool-up kit on the planet. Best of all, the ergonomic, lightweight and modular design allows you to mount this where you need it with extreme portability.

Weight: Approximately 9 ounces
Size: 5.5" x 2.25" x 3"
Color: Gold / Silver
Manufacture: Jigging Master

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