Ocean Devil 7" 120g Surface Sinking Pencil (Color: #07 Green Nemo)

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Jigging Master's ocean devil series topwater sinking pencil is designed for large pelagic / topwater species. Optimized for amazing casting distance and irresistible swimming actions, the Ocean Devil will lure out the large target fish out of the school! The amazing walk the dog action of the Jigging Master pencil design will draws strikes from all types of pelagic predators. Internally balanced for long casts and stable action, even in the roughest conditions.

  • Optimized for long range casting and extreme flying distance.
  • Water ergonomic body allowing superior top-water swimming actions.
  • Designed to lure out the larger fish among the school.
  • Great for trolling or casting!
  • Reflective holographic surface finish to attract maximum attentions and actions!
  • Realistic 3D eye.
  • High current and strong wind condition compatible.

  • Type: Sinking Pencil
    Color: #7 / Green Nemo
    Weight: 120g (4.23oz)
    Length: 18 cm / 7 inches
    Manufacture: Jigging Master

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