Ocean Fire Slow Jigging Luminous Jig by Wiki Jigging (Color: #7 150g)

The Ocean Fire jigs are the newest concept and design in the Jigging World designed for shallow water, deep water, and bottom water slow jigging. The ocean fire is designed to prey on maximized strike zone; from falling to retrieval with it's unique bubble creating body shape. Embedded with ultra bright luminous powder, the Ocean Fire will stay glowing for a long period of time. Other features includes a realistic bait fish graphic on one side, an delicious luminous squid on the other, realistic 3D eyes, a wide range of reflective colors, selection of sizes, , and special coating, these lures are action magnets made to last out-perform and last! Wiki Jigging is a subsidiary of Jigging Master.

  • Bait Fish & Squid dual graphic jig.
  • Luminous effect with glow in the dark powder instead of paint for brighter and longer lasting effect!
  • Center balanced jig flatten on the fall.
  • Realistic 3D eye on both sides.
  • Integrated air bubble generator.
  • Glow-in-the-dark treatment on both side of the Jig (excluding #10)

  • Color: #7. For other colors please make your selections above.
    Weight: 150g (5.3oz)
    Manufacture: Wiki Jigging, a subsidiary of Jigging Master

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