Single-Eyed UFO Iron Slow Fast Jigging Jig

Designed by jigging experts at Jigging Master, the Single-Eyed UFO is designed for slow jigging targeting finicky and pelagic species. Engineered with superior coating, enticing graphics, and amazing flat-falling actions, the UFO jig is equipped with 30% brighter military grade tracer coating to maximize attentions in low light environments. Optimized for slow jigging, irresistible flat falling animations of the UFO can be created simply from raising your rod tip and letting it fall.

The Single-eyed UFO adopts the elements of the original UFO jig, but with a slimmer shape for faster falling speed. Battle proven from countless expeditions for both fast and slow jigging; the Single-Eyed UFO jig is multi-purpose designed for slow jigging, rapid jigging, vertical jigging, and flat falling yoyo actions. Cast the jig and let it fall while free spooling to wait for the bite, then jerk and repeat. The center balanced jig falls with a wobbling action in a horizontal position into the strike zone, both going up and down the water column. Designed to entice even the pickiest fish to improve your strike rate.

Available in 14 colors and various weights to ensure that you are ready no matter what fishes are biting. From rock fish to large blue fine tuna, the UFO jigs prove to be effective time and time again. This is the go-to lure for you in strong daylight conditions when the fish are hitting surface lures, chasing bait, or those monsters lurking in the deep. Just like all the latest Jigging Master jigs, the SE UFO jig is completed with industry leading Japanese holograph film, that is anti-scratch, none-flaking for enhanced long term use!

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