Deep Sea Sniper Depth Finder PE Line (Size: #2.5 38 Lbs 300M)

The Jigging Master Deep Sea Sniper Depth Finder PE Line is created with special HMPE fiber / special braid technology to result the thinnest, most durable, highest strength-to-diameter ratio, superior tensile / knot strength, smooth, and effective PE line for jigging and popping. Optimized and engineered to out perform!
Available in only two sizes and two length: #2.0 and #2.5 at 30 lb and 38 lbs rating. In either 300 Meter (985 feet) or 600 Meter (1968 feet).

Application: Fishing! Whenever you need the smoothest, strongest, thinnest PE line! Line Size: #2.5 (38 lbs / 42~45 lbs tested)
Line Diameter: 0.25mm
Line Length: 300 Meters (985 feet)

Manufacturer: Jigging Master

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