"Gangster" WX8 36 Knit Tight Weaving PE Braided Line

The Jigging Master Gangster WX8 36 Knit Depth Finder PE Line is engineered with 36 knit of super strong Dyneema material and high density weaving process. This special technology and manufacturing process result the thinnest, most durable, highest strength-to-diameter ratio, superior tensile / knot strength, smooth surface, and effective PE line for jigging and popping. Optimized and engineered to out perform!

Application: Fishing! Whenever you need the smoothest, strongest, thinnest PE line for casting, popping or jigging!
Line Size: #3.0 (68 lbs)
Line Diameter: 0.32mm
Line Length: 1200 Meters (3600 feet)

Manufacturer: Jigging Master

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